If you are frowning, procrastinating, or feeling overwhelmed today.. it’s about to change.

And this time, it doesn’t involve running around with your pants down 🙂

So, congratulations! Just by reading this, you are fighting the resistance monsters. You are the driving force behind a powerful blow to the skull of the procrastination gremlins. You are taking the first step in conquering that silly little fear that too many creative minds often sacrifice the potential of their entire life to.

Don’t let the fear dagger murder your swagger.

Serve yourself. Feed your creativity.

Resistance is often triumphant in battle, but creativity will win the war. All it takes is a commitment from you. You have to want it. You have to breathe it. You have to sweat it. You have to bleed it.

Creativity will make your heart beat if you want it to. It is all that you allow it to be.

Creativity is directly responsible for anything and everything around you. It is the seed of this world and the next. It is the wind that pushes the ship to discover new worlds and open new doors of unlimited potential.

Because of this, creativity is your greatest ancestor. It has given you permission to act upon its powers. You are the direct result of creativity, and it expects you to relentlessly pursue ways to expand the tree from which you came. The magic is hard-coded within you.

Be the innovative champion that you were born to be. Visualize the celebration as you stand with your foot crushing the throat of those pathetic little gremlins. Imagine the smell of the air, the taste of the victory, the way you channel your energy into the inspiration of others.

Imagine what it feels like to water the very root of your creation.

The second you sacrifice even a thought to the gremlins, you are taking a blow to your mindset, creativity, and confidence. Instead of making your creativity vulnerable to fear, make fear vulnerable to your creativity.

Fear is a coward. It’s powerless. It only exists because you let it.
It is only real if you believe it is.

Pressure and stress are neutral. They don’t pick sides. The pressure you feel behind your fear is actually a jetpack of fuel capable of transporting you to your wildest fantasies. Accept the challenges you face and use the pressure to channel your energy into a vast creative exploration capable of shaping your new world of explosive opportunity.

When you are scared of something, you are SO CLOSE to conquering it. When you hop on an airplane to skydive, that pressure can scare the hell out of you just before the jump. However, as soon as you take the leap, you experience the time of your life on the way to conquering a dream.

The pressure from that “fear” just fueled your journey to bring your vision to reality.

If you allow fear to control the pressure, you will experience panic, anxiety, and doubt. You will never jump out of the plane. You will never experience the ride of your life. You will never bring your vision to reality.

Use your swagger to murder the fear dagger, then take the pressure juice and put your dreams to use. ☺

Make momma creativity proud this mother’s day.

I recently had Anna JH from Creoddity.com on my show, and we smeared our colorful ideas together to compile a short but actionable list of ideas for you to utilize your creative weaponry and win the war.

Call to Action:

Listen to the amazing episode here, and download our free guide on ‘8 ways to use fear as fuel for creativity’ 🙂 !


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