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William Goggins and Denzel Smith are dropping creative bombs all over Atlanta with their apparel company, Denote. Denote Clothing Co. is the collective artistic combination of both street taught and traditional artists and is inspired by graffiti and skateboard subculture.  From Queens of the Stone Age influences to pioneering massive parties, William and Denzel know how to make an interview interesting. Break the rules but first break the rulers. Rise against!

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with William and Denzel:

  • 04:01 – Meeting Andre from Outkast and how they kept it together despite being star struck,
  • 06:52 – How they came up with name ‘Denote’ instead of the original idea, ‘Bad Seed’, and how the name signifies and highlights what they do,
  • 10:23 – Meeting through graffiti and skateboards, tightening their bonds through their campus troubles, and taking each other’s artistic influences and skills for Denote to come into form,
  • 15:47 – Starting off on fire, the struggles of sustaining the business, and advice on how to make it work,
  • 19:32 – The process of how they create their clothing and how great ideas can come out from the failed ones,
  • 23:45 – Using their shirts as mediums to get their beliefs out and how each is an emblem of a different story,
  • 25:01 – Seeing their company as a driving force and an umbrella for their creative outlets, how it defines them as a person, and, as far as artistry goes, how it signifies the truth,
  • 25:58 – The back story behind one of their craziest shirt designs.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would love to sit down and create something with Sam Keith, the creator of The Maxx, because he is just downright weird. I would also love to see how Saber works as he did the world’s largest art piece.“
  • “I would love to create designs with Jamie Hewlett, the creator of Gorillaz and Tank Girl, because his art style is just so raw and real and the graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda as he is one of the greats.”

To defeat Godzilla with their talents…

  • “Lead him into to a power line by drawing a huge pair of tits on a building to lure him and then watch him die.”


  • [Tweet “Let the little things go. – Denote Clothing”]
  • You have to give your brain the time to digest the things that you see because the world wasn’t created in one day.
  • Keep moving, stay on top of your shit, don’t slack off, and just keep on going.
  • Never doubt yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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