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What are the two driving force behind connecting you to your audience? Most would argue trust, but David Nihill is certain it’s humor. I think I agree with David.

He is the master of causing a ruckus among the crowd after a show, allowing them to feel as one with his message ultimately channeled through hilarity and the assassination of ‘boring.’

Oh yea, he’s fundamentally teaching others how to do the same thing. If you want to take your audience to another level, David is your new Daddy. He might not change your diaper, but he sure will spank you into success if you need it.

Through his experiments in standup comedy and storytelling he is helping others others transition from the struggle of feeling terrified in front of an audience to walking around with massive fists pumping in extreme satisfaction, just as he did.

Like most of us, he found his corporate job so terribly boring that he was falling asleep without even having a reason to feel tired. Enough was enough, and he established Funny Bizz to help others like him create the life they love, full of laughter and excitement.

He’s traveling around the world, running his conference, writing books and dominating so much it’s funny. See what I did there?

Awesome episode.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I love everything that Tim Ferriss has put together so I’d love to pick his brain on a lot of stuff.”

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I’d default to my stereotypical advantages and bring him to an Irish back, feed him way too much Guinness and wait until he falls asleep drunk.”


  • We are hardwired to remember story. If you give me a number of facts in any way, it is not as memorable when you present those facts and bundle them as a story.
  • Brevity is levity. Get to the point quicker.
  • Make your story relatable so you can find your own voice quicker.
  • Just get started. Whether it’s your own blog or something, you just need to get some content out there. If you have self-confidence issues, do it under a fake name.
  • When you find something that you are passionate about, there’s no more getting burned out, you just love doing it. The line that separates work and passion blurs into one that you just get excited about with what you are working on and get lost in it.

Interview Links


  • 18:18 : The fun he had working with Funny Bizz and the core goals of the company,
  • 09:35 : A background on his career experiences and how he fell into writing despite being dyslexic and public speaking despite the fear of being in front of an audience,
  • 12:36 : The process he went through in starting, marketing and publishing his book in Udemy,
  • 14:14 : The power of storytelling and humor and why they are essential for content developers,
  • 15:39 : The needs David identified upon coming up with Funny Bizz as a platform for comedians and public speakers and how they went about to set their services up to help their target market,
  • 18:33 : The techniques they teach to people in crafting a more memorable story including funneling, linking your own personal stories in your content, making the stories relevant to your audience,
  • 22:07 : Steps he put in place to rocket his book to bestseller status including giving away free codes in Reddit and the other aspects he tackled in the book to propel you to become a more effective public speaker,
  • 27:16 : David’s advice on how you can get started if you are interested in content development including testing the waters, using a pen name, and just getting your word out there to get feedback,
  • 33:20 : How he went about travelling to 40 countries by outsourcing and building passive income streams and the lessons he learned during this time, and
  • 41:09 :The thing that burnt him out more than anything and how things can change for you as well.


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