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Cynthia Miltenberger is no newbie when it comes to being an Artrepreneur. She created Art Moves Everywhere for all children, with an emphasis on those in remote areas with limited resources. The foundation is an educational and inspirational tool which provides children a chance to enter the world of the arts through experiencing creative people, places and ideas all while deepening their connections within. It also signifies a core of learning about the awareness and oneness of cultures, communities, traditions, history, and instilling self-worth.

Cynthia held movement workshops for 826LA and the Hammer Museum. She serves as a ballet faculty member at Synthesis Dance and Performing Arts Center and Los Angeles City College. In addition, she is a volunteer representative for Step Up Women’s Network and Transformational Art Technologies, another outlet to empower children and women. Arts activism, her love for children, and pure passion for dance is the inspiration behind her first children’s dance educational book.

Art moves everywhere.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Cynthia:

  • 04:36 – Her story on how she dreamt of becoming a rock star when she was a kid to being led to the creative arts by adversity and humility, and her advocacy of showcasing the art to those who do not have access to it,
  • 08:40 – My realizations after watching the Jaden Carlson band and how it related to Cynthia’s cause, and how the arts had helped Cynthia overcome issues in her life,
  • 11:12 – How Art Moves Everywhere was conceptualized from her fear and how workshops, educational cards, and games stemmed from this book,
  • 14:34 – Her commitment to herself to do at least one thing a day to get to her goals and the role of social networking in helping her achieve this,
  • 21:06 – About her cause and how it was fueled by hardship and adversity, as well as The Flea’s contribution towards the advocacy of getting children exposed to the arts regardless of social and economic background,
  • 24:48 – Sharing Hal Elrod’s story, Cynthia’s own personal early morning routine, uniting families through the Art Moves placemats,  battling the pre-conceived idea that dance is gender-based with her students, and how she aims to show that arts connect to everything else in the world,
  • 33:22 – Being inspired by the imagination and resilience of Walt Disney, following your instincts, her mission of getting role models in the fore front to make a difference, and how a visualization board can push you towards the realization of your goals, and
  • 42:45 – Her passion to pursue her purpose in life by utilizing her talents to the fullest, being a product of being influenced to do something she didn’t love and how her mom supported her to take up dancing and how she got through all the challenges in dance school.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “It would be Michael Jackson because of the impact he has made to the children and the music. To be able to create something with him through dance and movement would be amazing.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will give him some berry juice and will serenade or enchant him with some movement or ballet, then run for my life once he is asleep.”


  • [Tweet “Success is conquering a dream – Cynthia Miltenberger”].
  • Depression comes in when people do not follow their truth or honor the gifts which are given to them by utilizing them and using them to serve.
  • Asking for help is an intelligent move. It doesn’t show weakness, it shows strength.
  • We have to trust our instincts and honor them and move forward despite what everybody says.
  • Be true and be you.

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