We aren’t born in metal armor- ready to slice and dice our way through this world until we achieve all that is possible. We aren’t even born entrepreneurs, right? We are born to run in circles, chase our tails, and ultimately live the life everyone else wants us to live. Duh.


Come on, don’t be ridiculous. No.

Everyone with freedom has a choice to follow another person’s  lead, and most do. But who are the leaders? If we all follow the lead, where do the leaders come from? Who creates them?

Do they create themselves?

The Big Bad Roadblocks

Everyone has a different situation, and each unique situation is filled with vicious roadblocks to keep us from living the life we absolutely are born to live. 99% of people will hit these blocks and never get to where they fancy- they will never even attempt to take the first step in creating the life they love. They turn around, push it off until later, or move onto an easier destination to reach.

Maybe you never plant that garden because you don’t have the seeds. You never run that marathon because there is no time to train. You never leave your job to do something that makes you happy because you can’t live without the money. You can’t take the risk.

Let me rephrase that with reality involved.

Maybe you never plant that garden because you are too lazy to buy seeds. You never run that marathon because your favorite TV show is coming on soon. You never leave your job to do something that makes you happy because you are scared just like everyone else- you aren’t sure of the outcome.

That is reality.

These are very normal excuses because as humans, we are genetically wired to shut ourselves down in the event of turmoil. Fight or flight. We see the possible negative outcomes first, and before we can even analyze the positives, we have already bailed.

Why? It is built into our biology.


The Reptile Brain

Our brains are divided into 3 dimensions that developed at different stages in human evolution. They work independently from each other but seek a creative balance together.

The Reptile Brain (the oldest- over 400 million years old)

  • Responsible for our first impressions, or initial filtering, of all incoming messages.
  • Generates all survival instincts and fight or flight responses, and is basically devoted primarily to things that keep us alive.
  • Produces strong and very basic emotions.

The Midbrain (Limbic Cortex)

  • Determines the meaning of things we interpret and social situations

The Neocortex

  • Evolved with an ability to problem solve and think about complex issues
  • Produces answers and solutions using reason

To explain it simply- if you are out in public, and you are surprised by something exploding nearby, you will immediately react with fear. This is reptile or survival brain at work.

Then, you will naturally try and make meaning of the situation by identifying the place of explosion and placing it in a social context. Was it an accident? Was it a terrorist? Are you safe? This is the middle brain at work.

And as a resolution, you will actually process the situation with your problem-solving brain, the neocortex. It turns out the explosion was a just child setting off fireworks down the street. Tisk Tisk…Everything is going to be okay.

So, the thought process that humans experience is an exact match of our evolutions. First, we survive. Then, we build social relationships. Then, we problem solve.

Therefore, when we hit these roadblocks, a genetic instinct of fear in our reptile brains influences our decision to give up. The situation never makes it through to the neocortex- the area where we solve the problems.

If we never give ourselves a chance to live our dreams, we will never live our dreams.

I gave up for 27 years. I ran from confrontation, hid from my true desires, and ignored the parts of my life that I was not happy with. I convinced myself it was normal, and that I was happy, and that there was no other option. I let the fear shut myself down before I even analyzed my problems. Actually- before I figured out that they really weren’t problems- they were excuses.

I was negative, wrong, & I never rolled the dice.

I chose the negative way to look at my life- the wrong way. The reptile brain way.

My Spark

One day I was talking to my beautiful Grandmother. Born in 1923, she has lived through the largest technology revolution in the history of our world. She has seen more drastic changes in 90 years than anyone will likely see again in the span of a lifetime.

I asked her how she was doing. She said:

“Oh Honey I’m doing just wonderful. My doctor said I have the health of a 60 year old. That means I can live another 30 years! And you know what?? I’m going to start doing all the things that I want to do. I don’t care what anyone else thinks- I feel better than ever. This is my life, and I only get 1 of them. I spent too many years going with the flow, and now I want to be the stream.”

And that’s when it hit me…. Holy shit. I’m a whiner, complainer, and procrastinator. I am wasting my fruitful, amazing breaths worrying about things that don’t matter. I am letting my life slip by without even taking advantage. The world is an opportunity… why am I not involved?

What am I going to think when I look back on my life as a 90 year old man? If I continue on the path that I am on, am I going to be happy with it? Is it everything I dream about, desire & love?

Out of her entire life, and everything she experienced, she was at the point where she looked back on it all with judgment. Was it the life she wanted to live? Did she chase her passion? Did she build her own world? Did she roll the dice and conquer her fear, or did she go with the flow?

Ask yourself that question, and write down an answer. Keep that answer posted somewhere you can see it every day. Use it as motivation. Actually, ask yourself this question every day.

Even at 90 years old, she is taking initiative to answer. It is that important, and it’s not too late.

So if she can do it at 90, I can do it at 27. Any age can do it, and there is no excuse.

See, without rolling the dice, you can’t win the game. You can’t even play.


So what is the right way to view roadblocks?

You can’t just fear the roadblocks instinctively, you have to analyze & conquer them.

You have to get off your ass and figure out where to buy the seeds for the garden and how to plant them. You have to create and organize a schedule to train for that marathon. You have to create opportunity to make money doing things you absolutely love so that you can quit that miserable day job. You have to roll the dice.

I am here to show you that it is possible and that we all can do this- together.

Roadblocks aren’t just problems- they are problems that can be solved. You are the only one that decides whether or not they will be solved. They are wimps- and people just like you defeat them every day. It’s the problem solvers who lead and create the lives they love. The lives filled with purpose that we are all passionate to live, to love. The lives you look back on when you are 90 and celebrate, knowing that your fingerprint is bold and deep.

There is always another way to get there.

It might not be the fastest way, but it’s a different way. And those different ways will get you to where you ultimately want to be. They force strategy, problem solving, and creativity. They exercise your mind.

Then, something magical happens.

The strategies, solutions & creativity start to support each other. They build a relationship with each other. They mate. The have babies.

And these babies- Oh My! These babies are named “ideas”. And if you take care of these ideas- if you really nourish them, prepare them for the world, love them with all your heart, and really trust in them- they will grow up to be successful.

That success is your dream. You will live that dream.

So take the different path. Go against the flow and create your own stream. It is whatever you want it to be. It is anything and everything you are passionate about.

I am starting The Artrepreneur Now podcast & website because I was in the exact same position as you 1 year ago. It was the beginning of my journey to live the life I love.

I am going to share each and every step of it – every little stream I create. And in time, some will dry up, and some will create rivers. Eventually, those rivers will create oceans that I can dive into with some kick-ass scuba gear and take those reef pictures that I always wanted hanging on my walls.

This is the start of me creating myself.

Create yourself.

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