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Christian A. Brown has written creatively since the age of six.  In 2010, he quit his job in the health and fitness industry to care for his mother who was diagnosed with cancer. Their battle and journey together is what triggered Christian to unlock his love for creative writing full-time, dedicating his life to his passion.

He is the best-selling author of Feast of Fates, volume 1 of the Four Feasts Till Darkness series.

So far, Feast of Fates has sold over 5,000 copies in 5 months. Christian won an honorable mention in the Indie Book Awards, and Feast of Dreams the second book will be available in a week.

104_quote1_somedMy conversation with Christian is powerful and magical across the board. We dissect the transition that Christian made from his old ‘ordinary’ life to the heart-heavy fight for his mother’s life. It was a journey which changed his outlook on everything, allowing him to discover the magic behind his pen. He is 100% transparent, and he pours his feelings, emotions, morals, and values into his writings and this interview.

Christian is also a master of conquering self-doubt, and he does an incredible job of exploring his techniques in this episode.

We also get into the power of mindfulness, obstacles and struggles when writing a book, and how cats should run the world. 🙂




  • If you want to make your dream a reality, everyday you must take steps to make it happen.
  • If you are going to dream, dream big.

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  • 7:51: Christian talks about the feeling of being blessed after taking care of his mother right up to her death. He talks about his a hamoment–that moment when he found out exactly what he needed to do. He has a completely unique way of looking at things. Listen to how he applies the discipline he learned through his physical training into writing!
  • 18:45: Christian talks about self doubt and how to deal with it. He sounds so comfortable about self doubt and so sure that everyone gets it but eventually overcomes it. You just have to listen as he expounds on the naturalness of self-doubt and what can be done about it to combat it.
  • 21:04: “Feast of Fates” is Christian’s book and he shares with us the personal insights that he had gotten while taking care of his mother that he had incorporated in the book. Listen to Christian as he explains how he has integrated our world, its morals and values into this book. Interestingly, Christian believes our world is more into looking at things as either black and white when we actually have more of gray. But moral ambiguity is a reality. In this book he underlines this theme with filial loyalty – another strong theme in the whole story. Listen to him and the emotional wringer he had to undergo before he could write this book. He shares an interesting insight on the role of a really good editor and how this person can make your book so much better.
  • 29:34: Christian shares his methods for getting the word out on his book and how to build professional connections so that the book comes out in the best possible way. He talks about determination to make a project successful and the things he has in place to make his vision a reality.
  • 35:05: Listen to me as I share with Christian a story about a lady lawyer who got awesome success with meditation. Christian who happens to have difficulty putting his mind’s power button in off mode is extremely curious about finding some sort of way to shut off thinking for a few minutes and just reset and recharge.
  • 43:03: Christian shares his insights on the hardest obstacle to writing a book – writer’s block. It is the biggest challenge for a writer and listens as he explains how he overcomes it. He also shares his grand visions for his book.
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