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Charlotte is different. She uses her head for thinking on a much larger scale than most, and she relentlessly pursues the beauty of her creativity in a world that seems to appear as a dark canvas to the average challenger. Fear..doubt..??  Nah… atleast you’d never know it. She has an extremely likable and mysterious shadow attached to her character, wrapped with the charisma of the world’s most inspirational youth. Her voice and musical talent could save lives.

The Glass Child left everything she had at 18 years old to move to London and dedicate her life to her music and art. She started her own record label, Broken Glass Records, released 5 EPs, released her critically acclaimed debut full-length ‘I’d Like To Remain A Mystery’ in February 2013, had her single ”I Will Lead You Home” reaching #2 on the Swedish iTunes chart. She has lived on the streets and friend’s couches, and even organized a music tour around Europe hosted in the homes of her fans. She independently published her first book “Empty Roads and Broken Bottles: In search for The Great Perhaps” and was named Breakthrough Indie Artist Of The Year by Lemonade Magazine.

You will love her.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Charlotte:

  • 07:07 :Her artistic journey so far from moving to London at 18 years old to pursue her dream, living and playing on the road, releasing a record, writing a book and building a fan base online,
  • 09:49 : Using up her money for rent and ending up crashing in friends’ couches and floors and in train stations and airports in order to support her passion,
  • 13:22 :What music means to Charlotte and why it such a driving force in her life and in her world,
  • 15:11 :How she separates music and the business side of it and how she learned about how to market her product,
  • 17:55 : Lessons that she would impart to aspiring artists and musicians including knowing exactly what you want to be, who you want to be and what kind of music you want to do; and focusing on the core people who matters,
  • 23:49 : Her unique ‘house concert’ tours and how she built her fan base through social media and via her crowdsourcing campaign,
  • 26:59 : The ‘typical’ day in the life of Charlotte and how setting up goals and breaking it down day by day help guide her through her tasks
  • 31:35 : The biggest struggles she had faced and the lessons she had learned along the way including getting over the fear of rejection and just keep pushing on even if the task at hand requires going out of your comfort zone,
  • 36:23 : Her position on music being given away for free and her tips on other ways artists can monetize and bring in revenue, and
  • 42:21 : About her book, “Empty Roads and Broken Bottles” and the process she went through in completing her work.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • Chris Martin is such an amazing songwriter and I would love to be in a room with him while he is writing a song as it would be such an honor.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I would confuse him by talking in sentences with Swedish and English and once he is, I would make my move. Or I could turn him on my side and we would be a monster team and would take the world together.”


  • Music is everything to me. It’s how I make sense of myself and my world.
  • When you lose the passion of why you are creating what you are creating, you need to sit back and re-evaluate what you are doing.
  • The first thing you need to figure out is what you want to stand and be known for.
  • Realize that no matter how good you are, 90% of the world will not understand you, but you just have to learn to accept that and focus on the 10% who will love what you are doing.
  • Everything that I have learned, I learned through struggles and the mistakes I have done.
  • Prove to people that you can become exactly who you want to become and you can build a life which is exciting. Even if there are a lot of struggles, if you have a passion which is so deep, it will always drive you.

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