YOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m here to pump up your day with some jams that will make you boogie woogie, relax, breath, smile, and rage!

Because I’m a HUGE music fanatic, I’ve decided to start posting albums bi-weekly that I’m blasting on high volumes for everyone to embrace.  It’s going to be a good mixture of classics, childhood memories, new rages, &  even guests on my show. I’ll also throw in youtube links, audio streams, and live shows that I’m drooling over.  Ya dig?

So! Pull down you pants (or pull up your pants ??) – turn the speakers up  – and enjoy the heady vibes.  Boogie down.

Julian Casablancas & The Voidz – Tyranny

If you are a fan of Julian, or the Strokes, you will dig this for sure. You might even dig in your butt.  At first, I was a little drowned by the heavy/metallic sound because my ears have been prepped by the super sexy, easy-listening melody of the strokes for so many years, but after 3 or 4 spins- I’m dying for more.  My favorite track is ‘Nintendo Blood‘ – it’s a head exploder.

I recently had a blind conversation with a connection via twitter, and I noticed she had a picture of her a Julian.  I immediately felt a jealous rage followed by an intense sorrowful crybaby session.  She completed a lifetime goal of mine before I did 🙂 – Touche, Karen (@believer610)

Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile

In the spirit of Halloween – NIN is completely appropriate.  I found this gem laying around in my basement and have been giving it the respect it deserves the last few weeks.  Trent Reznor is undoubtedly one of my favorite musicians of all time.



Rock Candy Funk Party- We Want o Groove

This is where the “boogie woogie” hits hard.  There isn’t much to say other than…. the name of the band is “Rock Candy Funk Party” and the album is “We Want o Groove.”  I picked this up by chance on record store day out of the $1.00 promo bin.  I’ve probably listened 100 times.


Foxygen- …And Star Power

These guys are insane. I saw them live at Forecastle Festival in Louisville last year – the dude is literally the craziest bastard ever on stage.  I’ve never really seen anything quite like his behavior other than some of the old rare Jim Morrison footage floating around.  And, like Jim, he’s not creating the act to make up for lack of musical talent. The music is GOLD.  I highly recommend all of their stuff, but this new double album ‘…And Star Power’ is mystical, genius, and composed to take you on a long, incredible journey. Cheers.

Tauk – Collisions

By chance, I heard about these guys from 3 or 4 different friends all around the same time.  Well, that has to be a good sign, right?  To take it even further, I found out one of my first guests on the show (Blake Addington) had taken a leap forward in his LD career and joined Tauk to run their lighting.  Tauk has also shared the stage with my very first guest (Franklin Murphy) and his band Shaky Feelin.  With this perfect storm brewing, I have been blasting this unique style electric/dirty/funk since the first second it hit the needle.  Congrats Blake on joining such an awesome crew. http://taukband.com/



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