YOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m here AGAIN to pump up your day with some jams that will make you boogie woogie, relax, breath, smile, and rage!

I’ve really been dominating some newer music the past few weeks.  I hope you discover a bond with these albums, just as I have. Party with your pants down.

Death Vessel – Island Intervals

This guy is unbelievable.  Seriously, it blows my mind how a voice like that can come out of him.  I’ve probably listened to this album 100 times in the past three months.  It’s perfect for driving, relaxing, or blasting in the background while you do the work grind.  I would kill to see him live right now.

I highly suggest you watch this video and be wowed:

Vulfpeck – Fugue State

A heads-up for this album came as a treat in my inbox today and I’ve been blasting it ever since.  Actually, I purchased it immediately after seeing the video below.   These guys lay down some nasty tracks.



The Helio Sequence – Negotiations

This indie-rock duo always wows me with their talent.  They have been around since 1999, putting out the vibes and feeding my inner indie gremlins.  The drummer, Benjamin Weikel, can be heard playing on Modest Mouse’s Good News For People Who Love Bad News album.  This album Negotiations was released in 2012 and has been on my steady playlist ever since.

Super relaxing.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

Do Make Say Think – & Yet & Yet

If you like instrumental-experimental-rock-jazz-fusion, this one is gonna really get your tits hard.  This album is a combination of wind instruments, distorted guitars, jazz drumming and a soothing bass to bring it all together.  The band released this album in 2002, but it is still my favorite of their collection.  They have since released three albums which are all brilliant as well.


Leftover Cuties- The Spark & the Fire

Talk about a soothing voice from an angel.  I heard this band on NPR doing some live music and it hooked me immediately. It’s kind of hard to describe… is it Jazz, Intelligent Pop, a hybrid New Age Swing??? Some of it threw me back to the 50’s, some of it made me shake my pale white ass in the car seat.  They have a Christmas EP also if that is your thing 😉

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