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Bri Seeley totaled her car, and she couldn’t have been happier. She believes that things happen for a reason, and every situation is a stepping stone to a much larger plan. She lives through her vision.

101_quote1_somedShe takes frequent calls early in the morning where she has conversations with her friends in future tense. She lives the life she dreams of creating because she knows it will come true if she sets her mind to it.

I am a very visionary person, and I’m also in love with prioritizing life and creating the perfect moment, every moment.

Naturally, Bri and I had a conversation of visionary fireworks.

She quit her job to pursue The Inspirational Woman Project where she interviewed 99 women about finding their inner power of inspiration. She then created a coffee table book featuring all the interviewees and successfully funded the project with a Kickstarter campaign.

Listen to this interview if you want your mind to be blown, pumped up with mega inspirational dynamite.

If you don’t listen, you are about as exciting as a dead moth on a cardboard box.


To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will use my stiletto to just make him fall.”


  • I was in a car accident this morning and I am just great!
  • Listen to your doubts, think them and then you turn around and do it anyway.
  • Avoid being boxed in and if it stifles you, go find something that allows you to breathe.

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  • 8:20: Avoid being boxed in and if it stifles you, go find something that allows you to breathe. This is Bri’s creed, so listen to her talk on how a woman can break out of the rot. Bri knows the value of being a woman and encourages all women to be leaders but not the way men are leaders, rather to be leaders in a totally feminine way.
  • 11:46: Listen to the conviction in Bri’s voice when she talks about the importance of women connecting to their femininity and how she came up with the Inspirational Woman Project. There is a truly inspirational moment here as Bri narrates how her pay got cut in half and how like any other woman poured her woes to a female friend, shed a few tears but after that, she literally dusted her hands free of that uninspiring job, got down to the business of putting forth her idea for the Inspirational Woman Project. Listen to how she managed to land an invitation to blog on one of the most talked about, read about websites, the Huffington Post. Bri has a truly awesome way of dealing with her doubts. Listen to her advice on gaining a hold of yourself in times of uncertainty or worry because it is a great strategy for overcoming fear.
  • 21:00: Bri expounds on the importance of building networks. She believes that more than anything else, being true, sincere and simply being yourself can build lasting relationships with people who will also give you support when you need it. She also talks about how her intuition has kept her on track. It is amazing how things just fall into place when one can visualize goals, how it can give you a total mind shift. Listen to how Bri brings this about through daily mind exercises and the tools she has devised to bring about visions to reality.
  • 36:00: There is truly a mind over matter kind of power. Listen to how Bri proved this to herself after totaling her car and by simply embracing the positive things that could come out from this incident, she was able to truly get wonderful blessings! Not succumbing to trauma by simply controlling how one perceives a situation can actually make your body respond positively too.
  • 49:00: Listen to Bri and I talk about the advantages of simplifying life, trimming down and avoiding distractions such as TV and mobile phones. Some days things just get too much and listen to us talk how we get through these days.
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