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Brian Lu aka ‘DJ Bluz’ made a slow transition from his full time job to following his true passion full time. Not only does he share with us the nitty gritty ups and downs of his journey, he spills his guts about his experience and the road to self-sustaining an income.  He has developed a new way of looking at opportunity- one that has led him to un-traditional gigs at places such as yoga studios, cardio workouts, gallery openings and more.

Whether it be relaxing to a little Marvin Gaye to ease the mind, or recognizing that the future is built in the ‘now’, Brian is taking his gut feelings and hanging on for the ride of his life.  Play on, Brian.


Creative Influences

(Straight from Brian)

Road Trip Nation
This show helped me get through my lost years (aka early 20s).  3 college students tour the country interviewing folks about their careers and how they got there.  Highly recommended for young people and anyone with a dream.

Steve Jobs – Book

Good to Great 
Principles of Success that can be applied to any discipline
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t

The Artists Way
I never realized how much my own self limiting beliefs about being an artists were holding me back until I read this book. We all go through the same feelings when we create.  Some people break through them. Some don’t.  Be one of the artists that does.
The Artist’s Way

New favorites of 2014.

Film: Jodorowsky’s Dune
Jodorowsky passion for his art is moving.  Although his film was never created the journey he went through from the beginning to now is awe inspiring.

Interview: Daring Greatly to Unlock Your Creativity with Brené Brown | Chase Jarvis Live
Her ability to communicate the psychological side of creativity is on another level.  Inspiration for daaaays!
Brene Brown

To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • Find out how Brian would use his jams to defeat the big bastard!  Listen Here

Favorite Advice… (click to tweet)

[Tweet “”If you get even a small feeling, don’t second guess it.  Hang onto that feeling.” – Brian Lu” @djbluz”]

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