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Overnight success takes ten years in the making, but it sure as hell peaks its head out a little early on some occasions.

Bram Kanstein is in the aftermath of one of the most successful Product Hunt launches of all time, and he’s here to tell you exactly how he did it.

Bram is the founder of, a website of goodies for startups and entrepreneurs that hit 290 up votes on and 2.6k unique visitors within the first four hours. At one point, Business Insider wrote a story about Startup Stash and it triggered over 300 views/minute.

All of this didn’t just happen by chance. Bram used his mastermind to devise a plan for his launch with a relentless pursuit of any success. Hold onto your boxers and panties because he’s dropping value bombs left and right in this episode. (free-ballers.. we’ve got love for you too 🙂 )

—>Receive Bram’s post on the step-by-step sequence he used to launch StartupStash into a viral frenzy.  He used this method to receive the following in just 48 hours after launch! <—

  • 35K unique visitors (with 17K from PH, 4.5K Business Insider, 4K Facebook, 2.1K Reddit)
  • 230K pageviews (5.17 pages/session)
  • Average time on site: 3 minutes 43 seconds
  • 293 suggestions for new resources via Typeform
  • 680+ Twitter mentions (@startupstash + @bramk)
  • 1400+ social shares via the site’s sharing buttons
  • 524 new Facebook likes
  • 729 new Twitter followers
  • 1140 new Newsletter subscribers
  • 250+ emails to [email protected] (suggestions, feedback, spelling corrections, tweaks, compliments)

Again, get the post here.

Cheers, Bram.


To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “Do something with his short hands. Take him down with his handicap.”


  • Some people spend too much time looking for something when that something is right below their noses.
  • Anyone looking to build an app should really understand how to do it because it is simply expanding one’s own solution.
  • The best way to get feedback is by leveraging your own possibilities.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask; you never know what that person may know or who he knows
  • You don’t want to build an app that resembles a big app and you know you will never be bigger than that app.
  • Be involved so you know the people and you have a base.
  • Most ideas start when you are not behind your computer.
  • Bram’s personal favorite tools:,,, and

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  • 9:40: What Startup Stash is: an for app builders to use when starting an app and initially conceived as an app that anyone can basically click with 10 suggestions on what to use,
  • 12:01: How Startup Stash came about including that it was a result of an idea for a directory that would make information more manageable, very much like a list of tools and resources,
  • 14:15: How Startup Stash started by outlining 50 categories for its tools and filling out 40 categories with 10 products per category,
  • 15:50: was used for including sending out feelers through the use of excel sheets and though time consuming, why it was worthwhile because data can be imported to the website and it got them 700 subscribers,
  • 17:02: The way Startup Stash was made, which was mainly through focusing on its content and then creating a landing page for it, when it was launched and how it immediately went viral,
  • 22:40: The unexpected reaction of companies and sites which brought about a surprise bonus of adding companies and sites to the tool list in Startup Stash (The companies thought it was great being featured in Startup Stash and Tweeted the app to their members and their members tweeted it to their friends),
  • 24:33: The amazing numbers Startup Stash garnered after 4 hours of launching: 290 uploads, 26,000 unique visitors and 60,000 page visitors,
  • 26:00: The press Bram was able to garner including Business Insider and,
  • 32:08: The best ways to get feedback, why timing is a big part of launching a product and mistakes people make when starting to make an app, and
  • 39:28: Why Twitter is the best starting point for anyone looking to build a course.
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