I know I’ve been quiet lately, but I’ve literally stopped everything.

And for anyone I fail to offend in this post.. I apologize.

It’s considerably hard to explain, but who is being considerate these days?

While I was away in Thailand and Cambodia, I realized that my perception of the world was a bit skewed.  I interacted with something I’ve never experienced. I dipped the fingertips of my life into a mysterious vibe that I never even knew existed.

It’s therapeutic.

It’s magical.

Perhaps I’ve been informed about this before, but it seemed illogical and unrealistic.

But now I’m telling you.. it’s real.

Every morning in Thailand, Lindsay and I had this natural alarm clock that would vault us from the dead around 5 am.  Because of the climate, the mornings involved a healthy application of triple action gold bond to battle the humidity (and introduce the thousands of tickling ferries sure to bring a smile to your face.)

There was a huge *problem* though…

Nothing opened until BLANK o’clock.

You aren’t getting coffee, tea, breakfast or even water before BLANK o’clock.

Nobody is freaking out about how much has to be done before BLANK o’clock.

Nobody is strategically planning every minute of their day to kickstart around BLANK o’clock.

Time is erroneous. It means nothing.

Urgency is dead before the thought even occurs.

At first, it was the most frustrating thing ever. The addiction I (and most westerners) have to caffeine was building tension in all parts of my body.

No matter how much I bitched or scaled the geographical area like a savage on a rampage, BLANK o’clock still hadn’t rolled around yet.

I won’t lie – I battled it until the day we left.

But something was working on me…..

It takes experience to open up eyes.  You can look and observe with your vision, but that doesn’t mean your eyes are open. It doesn’t mean you are vulnerable.

Lindsay and I were forced into a situation that started at BLANK o’clock.

We figured out that nothing matters until BLANK o’clock.

And when BLANK o’clock rolled around.. it’s like the Heavens unfolded onto the streets.

Smiles, Nirvana, Hydration, Saviors.


We tangoed with reality on a level we had been sheltered from our whole lives.

We learned that BLANK o’clock was the seed of all things bright and beautiful.


And guess what..

We are powerful enough to grant permissions to BLANK o’clock.

It starts and ends whenever we want.

There are so many things I strive to accomplish, and so many paths I structure my vision around.

I truly believe that self-development and mindfulness are the driving forces behind the magic of living.

I have birthed and capitalized on so many personal transitions within the last year that most people would label it impossible, and I am thankful beyond measure for everything.

I had something wrong all along though:

It doesn’t have to be done right now.

It doesn’t even have to begin until BLANK o’clock.

Significance will unfold when allowed.

To truly live a life of freedom, happiness, and passion.. we must eliminate stress and slavery.

If you are labeling your deadlines, you are a slave.

It is not the labeling that produces, it is YOU that produces.

The second you decide that your personal development or production is due before BLANK o’clock, you are sacrificing your power and contributing to the largest mindfuck in existence.

The world cannot be yours until BLANK o’clock.

You cannot and will not create the life you love by condoning yourself to a deadline of stress and anxiety.

I have always had a supreme drive to max out the threshold of possible accomplishments, but in doing so I’ve neglected the very essence of the conscious AND unconscious mind. I’ve always taught productivity and prioritization strategies with a huge heart, but I can honestly say I’ve never fully understood the power of them until now.

You can argue that the world’s top entrepreneurs are only successful because of deadlines, but how many of them will sit down at the end of life, with all that money.. and all that fame…and consider themselves one of the happiest people in the world?

The most productive people in the world aren’t the happiest people in the world.

You cannot label the happiest people in the world.

With a monetary label, some are rich and some are poor.

Without a label, the happiest people in the world are far wealthier than empires, kingdoms, religions, and God Money.

The happiest people in the world understand that time is arbitrary.

It is whenever and wherever the decide.

It all starts at BLANK o’clock.

I want you to stop what you are doing.  Whatever you are worrying about, don’t.

Whatever is at the top of your list… ignore it.

When that anxiety creeps in and pulls the stress trigger, understand that you are granting it permission.

Karate chop the fuck out it’s neck and remove the chains.

Through awareness, you have the ability to put the chains on stress and throw away the key forever.

Yes, I’ve been quiet lately.. but not obsolete.  I’ve thrown my clock away.

Magic happens at BLANK o’clock, and I’ll be there every step of the way.

Join me.


Put the shadows back into their boxes.


If you haven’t checked out the last few episodes of the podcast, they are all incredible. UJ Ramdas was on most recently, and it’s a brilliant dissection of the mind and how we can hack our own happiness. 🙂


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