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Beth Sistrunk began her artistic endeavors as a child in rural Ohio. Quoted from her website, she shared that for her, beauty is the essential driving force of her work:

I’m always chasing beauty in my work. For me a painting should be beautiful. It should captivate the viewer, if only for a few seconds. And for those few seconds let them forget themselves, their worries, their troubles and transport them to a place of beauty and peace.

Beth Sistrunk is a master oil painter residing in Naples, Florida and she has excelled in prestigious art awards and contributions such as the Art Renewal Center’s 2012/2013, The National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society for “Recipe for a Beautiful Day,” and a Creative Achievement Award for “Essence of the Sea” at the Tempe Center for the Arts.  Her artwork portrays unbelievable detail, depth, and obvious passion through creating.

Beth is blowing minds with her talents.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Beth:

  • 04:51 – Starting out with crayons during her childhood to playing trumpet and piano during her adolescent years, Beth talks about how she cannot live without creativity and art.
  • 06:15 – Leaving her goal of being a veterinarian or a marine biologist, she shares how she got started and pursued arts despite the scary transition.
  • 09:18 – How she overcame her struggles and the push backs through hard work and with the help of her better half.
  • 16:03 – Her great goal of having a permanent piece in a museum and what she is currently doing to be able to get to this point including finding a great teacher and mentor.
  • 19:19 – The fundamentals that she worked on to hone her skills and the habits she developed to keep her long term goal.
  • 21:25 – A step-by-step process  on how she goes  about creating her art and insights on where and from who her techniques are derived from.
  • 27:33 – The substance behind her art, the emotional impact of her narratives and the hidden secrets that adds interests to her paintings.
  • 32:46 – Hiring a teacher sooner, exposing her younger self to the arts and some of the things she may do differently in from her past.


Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “It is difficult to choose because watching Bouguereau’s process would be extraordinarily valuable but the romanticism in the narratives that Waterhouse conveys is amazing too.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I was thinking of painting a mural that would fool him but I might just end up feeding him my lead white oil paint and call it a day. “


  • Really spend quality practice time in developing the fundamental skills with a teacher or someone you admire because you may have the best creative idea in the world but if it’s not executed well, it’s just a poorly-executed idea.
  • Go to ateliers like the Grand Central Academy or the Ani Art Academy to work on your fundamentals from eye-hand coordination to the entire drawing and painting process.

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