What is the rush? Why is EVERYONE constantly freaking out? Why are YOU freaking out?

Are you going to allow these high-stress situations to play a role in the rest of your life?

Is completely losing your cool in an overwhelming rush of anxiety and sweat going to make all of your problems and situations better?

If you pause and think about it, what is the reason for burning your energy and bowing down to a worse-case-scenario mindset?

You wouldn’t let a distracting stranger on the street come set his fat ball-sack on your chin, so why do you allow the stress gremlins to party all over your pretty face?

What is SO AWFUL that you must yell and frown at, criticise, and curse everything around you?

I do it too. We all do.

Why should everything have to suffer because we aren’t strong enough to judge a situation for the beauty inside?

There is a lesson in everything.

Situations don’t have to end with nuts on your chin.

We don’t have to judge from a negative scale.

One breath is powerful enough to birth a pause in any amount of madness, and these pauses are the building blocks of the Savior we know as Awareness.

When you are aware, you are in a position to think, react, and make decisions that root the artillery necessary to destroy the “world-is-ending” mentality.

Your awareness is the catalyst for the inner belief that you CAN become and accomplish so much more in this beautifully composed masterpiece called life.

In reality, the world is NOT ending – species are.

The world is only fighting to rid of parasites that threaten the beauty of her existence. She is fighting the soldiers of negativity like a cancer.

Only us that are aware will understand this movement, and it is the awareness that will position us to unite and truly discover what it means to be free. We can fight for every moment and bring back the purity and teachings of all situations.

We can grow from these teachings.

We can conquer every moment and eliminate stress.

YOU can conquer every moment and eliminate stress.

So whoever you are, and wherever you are, be fully aware.


Dedicate your energy beyond measure to your awareness and the return will be infinite.

Be confident there is light in all situations and that you own the upper hand to whatever stress, pain, or discomfort you may be feeling.

You have the power to decide and control the state-of-mind you live in.

The situation is ALWAYS yours.

When you are dedicated to yourself and your awareness, the fight for happiness will flow in waves to all those around you, and they will add their magic to the dance.

They will be aware and powerful beyond reason, and they will pass the cup too.

We all need the water. It symbolizes humanity in unity and peace for each moment.

Our moments.

Your awareness in each breath is a drastic force in the quest for harmony. It is much bigger than you.

When you understand awareness, you have the tools to be free.

When you use these tools, you are free.

Be all in, all the time, or the nuts will dominate your chin.

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