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Are you a CreODDITY?

YEEEEEEEES! You are SO welcome here.

As an artist, and usually any type of creative, there is a daily battle against resistance, fear and even self-confidence.  As creatives, we manifest our entire lives through art because we truly LOVE it. Creation is a part of us, and without it..we would feel lifeless.

Sadly enough, artists are expected to conform to guidelines, rules, and structure when it comes to methods of creating. More than ever, artists are ashamed of admitting their relentless desire to live through their passion. The media sabotages the meaning of “art” and floods the label onto anything and everything possible, seriously handicapping the world’s perception of every unique production of our subconscious.

Anna JH is super charismatic Founder of, and she’s leading a charge to help other artists gain the confidence and means to live through their passion. She’s a multi-talented artist with an amazing sense of humor, and she’s bringing her ‘creoddity’ to others just like her to bring confidence, pride, and beauty back to the foundation of creativity.

Anna is truly remarkable with a super bright and colorful personality. I’m so excited to introduce her to you.. !! 🙂 !! 🙂 !!


To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will definitely have to throw paint on his face.”


  • An art gallery is where you go to look at the people and not the art.
  • Great art is capturing something that cannot be captured any other way.
  • What you want is on the outside of fear.
  • The good things that happen, happen in the most random of ways.
  • There is no excuse not to do something.
  • Stop being a wimp!

Interview Links


  • 10:30 : Creoddity as a social platform for unknown artists being, in Anna’s case, the painters, sketchers and basically anyone else who puts their art on paper as opposed to musicians or writers,
  • 12:55: Creoddity as a creative community wherein members help and support each other get past their fears of going public with their creations or just simply allow a debate to get over artistic frustrations,
  • 13:25: The epiphany that Anna heard when she realized that painting is what she wants and what she will do for the rest of her life, driving her to ensure that she can make money out of it,
  • 14:00: The frustration of finding out that there were so few free opportunities for new artists to market their talent or products,
  • 14:55: The art society that Anna’s locality was made up of — mostly people with graying hair that she felt she could not fit in being only 25,
  • 15:45: About the publication of art through Twitter and how it became the predecessor of Creoddity by providing information on making the most tools available to artists,
  • 18:12: The gratification that one can feel or get when people share a video you have made,
  • 20:00: Embracing social media and doing it properly by having a Twitter page because it is possible to share art and get feedback y connecting/interacting with other artists,
  • 22:30: The typical artist’s fear of getting negative feedback and what she did to surpass this: think positive because from her experience, the majority of community members are more supportive than negative,
  • 26:02: The great satisfaction in knowing that somebody appreciates your work, even if it is only one person sharing a video you have done,
  • 27:15: Another typical fear of an artist: the feeling of shame to admit to something as mundane as wanting to make money out of their art,
  • 28:35: Expounding on the needs for artists’ education to cover lessons on how to market their product or provide the tools necessary to market their products,
  • 30:00: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social media platforms that an artist can use to publicize what he does or what he can do,
  • 32:40: The driving force of Creoddity and the usual stereotypes of artists,
  • 40:00: What art is for her and the people who influenced Anna when she was 16-18 in Britain and how they made her think out of the box so much so that all the confidence she has now, she owes it to them,
  • 45:16: The art found in, which covers drawing tips, portrait ideas and funny videos about art and the art world,
  • 50:55: Tips on handling creativity blocks including not trying too hard because it will just make it harder and latching on to what you are feeling and using it,
  • 53:12: The dilemna between wanting to create art and having to consider something as mundane as financial matters,
  • 57:52: Artists joining a social community for various reasons: some to get feedback, some to get recognition, others simply to get together with people sharing the same interest, and
  • 59:00: Anna’s tips to be organized including keeping a list or writing down random ideas on a roll of paper.

—> Click here to download ‘8 Ways to Use Fear as Fuel for Creativity’ – as heard in the episode FREE 🙂 <—

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