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As a young child, Angela Mazzi had aspirations of becoming an acrobat in a circus and an astrophysicist.  It turns out her creativity branched in a new direction and allowed her to build her life as a creative architect, a career coach, an author, and the Founder of The Patron Saint of Architecture.

In this episode, she teaches us about the importance of help, the power of community, Feng Shui and her mission to design our surroundings to maximize the creative harmony of human existence.

Here are the highlights of my funky conversation with Angela:

  • How she got involved in healthcare, developing her blog and what evidence-based design is all about, (7:36),
  • The process of writing her first book, her target candidates and how she self-published it in Amazon after 4 months (13:13),
  • Expansions, online workshops, live speaking engagements and all her long term goals for The Patron Saint of Architecture (18:15),
  • How it feels to change and improve people’s lives through her coaching and mentoring program (19:17),
  • Starting her day with meditation, writing down a list of the things she wants to do, taking stock on where she is on her major goals and other personal habits that you can learn from (23:00), and
  • Feng Shui, environmental anchors and the link between evidence-based design and psychology (27:33).


 Creative Influences

One hour to create something, with anyone…

  • “I would work with a landscape architect and I would create an urban experience for people.”

To defeat Godzilla with her talents…

  • “I will expose him to a giant mirror and hope that he will be distracted for him to think that it was another giant lizard and he would attack him in the process. Or we can always just attack him from behind with a missile.”


  • Always say yes to life. Don’t think that it’s too much to choose happiness or to choose to help other people to be happy.

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