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Alex Frommeyer is always looking ahead when it comes to technology.  He is dedicating his life to riding the wave of creativity through binding product development with personal connections. An engineer and the founder of Beam Technologies and Uproar Labs, Alex has pioneered the very first connected toothbrush -The Beam Brush- which maps brushing behavior and provides rewards for good oral care.  He takes pride in stepping back from any situation and applying himself where he finds interest, and he’s on a mission to change the way people look at health habits forever.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alex:

  • Alex’s shares his background, what Uproar Labs is all about, how their team built their skill sets over the years, and the difference between digital and physical companies (5:45),
  • Goals in creating the Beam Brush, the first app-connected toothbrush dedicated to mapping brushing behavior and providing rewards for good oral care, and how his team goes about the data gathering (10:40),
  • A discussion on the reason why rewards or incentive system is proving to be an engaging aspect for users of this generation (15:30),
  • The elements of ‘stickiness’ and the key learning we can take away from the gaming industry (20:00),
  • The unusual order of the first steps he took in starting his entrepreneurial life (22:40), and
  • How getting out of his comfort zone, pushing out the criticisms, and being stubbornly confident in tackling his dreams took him to where he is today (28:55).


To defeat Godzilla with his talents…

  • “I would shoot a body fitness tracker that I can implant in his leg and then use his heart rate data and vital signs to know when he is the weakest and take him out during that time.”


  • Have lots of ideas, make sure that you are super passionate about them and smash that idea to everyone who is willing to listen.
  • There is no wrong way or right way, you just have to have an amazing team.

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