Everything is too fast.

Jobs. Errands. Things.

Time escapes us, and it feels like a rocket ship. We are born, and now we are here.

It’s so busy.

Before we can realize the joy of a moment, it seems to be Monday again.

More jobs. More errands. More things.

Most of us ride the merry-go-round until it’s too late.


You don’t have to.

Everyone has the gift to create anything and everything.

It’s magic. It’s real.

And it’s okay to be busy, and lost in jobs, and errands and things.

We cannot find ourselves unless we lose ourselves. And if we believe it is possible, it happens.

At some point, I didn’t believe. Somewhere in between the magic of childhood and the stress of conforming to the adult life, I fell in a hole.

Does that sound familiar?

This is a hole that most never climb out of, sadly. We forget about the joys and passions of living freely, just as we did as children.

I found me. I climbed out of my hole.

I’ve learned so much.

Gratitude. Attitude. Love.

And I’ve trained my mind with the bulletproof Muse.

I’m persistent. I’m passionate. I’m unstoppable.

And, I know what I need to do.

I know exactly where I’m going.

I’ve battled the war of art, and I’ve defeated resistance gremlins. I have committed death grips to squeeze the life out of impossible situations.

We are all different, and we are all blessed with unique situations, but one thing is most certain:

We all have dreams.

Action is the bridge that separates dreamers from their dreams.

Will you walk across?

Will you push yourself, step by step?

Will you embrace the mighty terrain full of stumbles and face-plants?

Rise up, friends. Keep moving and grooving.

Invest in yourself and take the risks. It’s the only way to advance from point A to point B.

Will you accept a mediocre and suppressing life, sacrificing your dreams and happiness in exchange for an opportunity to make money in someone else’s world, all heart aside?

Or, will you take action and create the life you love?

I’m taking action. I started my transition a year and a half ago.

With no connections, special skills, or ‘favors’ from anyone else… I decided to turn my life ‘upside-down,’ as others would call it.

I decided to be “crazy, unreasonable, and naive.”

I decided to “throw away everything I had worked so hard for my entire life.”

It’s funny how they react when you lead yourself away from the life they want you to live.

But to me, I was deciding to meet my true self for the first time since childhood, a time when I had passion, and happiness, and big dreams.

And somewhere in the big hole of growing up, I trapped myself in career, a pile of American Dream debt, and a lifestyle expected of me by everyone in the world.

My opinion didn’t matter, and I never questioned it.

But again, we cannot find ourselves unless we lose ourselves.

So I continue my journey across the bridge.

Over the past two years, I have interviewed over 115 masterminds who have created and crossed their bridges too.

I brought these interviews to you through the podcast, and I adapted all of the principles of success to my life.

And in this process, my visions and dreams have come to life.

I have started the transition of shedding my materials for freedom.

I have retired my “career” for a life of constant passion, happiness, and freedom.

I love the challenge.

Am I still crazy, naive, and unreasonable?

I sure as hell hope so.

I have no intention or interest in ever being normal or trying to”fitting in.”

I’ve been on the ledge for a while, but it’s time to fucking fly.

So in this message, I am reaching out to all of you who are in it for compassion.

I’m reaching out to you dreamers who fully intend on creating an abundance of happiness in your life.

I’m reaching out to those of you who are being told you cannot succeed doing something you love.

I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone listening in this moment.

I’m asking for everyone’s help, not to benefit myself, but to benefit us all as one huge surge of energy.

In this moment, what is flooding your brain? What is weighing heavily down on your brilliantly unique and powerful mind?

And, in this moment, what is flooding your big red heart? What is bright, beautiful, and welcoming to your smiles, passions, and ability to be the happiest version of you?

In an optimized state of mind, and in a relaxed state of breath, you will find peace.

Not only peace within the moment… but peace within the self.

Not only peace within the movement… but peace within the universe.

Your will and dedication to love, and the fight inside of you for all that you believe in… is a super-power much larger than what we can comprehend.

The complex energy and surge within you to bring your dreams to life is a magic that cannot be understood on a human level.

Have you ever wondered WHY you have dreams?

Have you ever stopped to reflect on WHY you put your energy and efforts into visualizing a life of passion and true happiness?

The WHY is so powerful.

If we are not meant to experience absolute miracles in life, then why does the miracle of life exist?

If dreams are not real, and we are not destined to become one with them, then why are the visions within us?

Why is the source part of us?

What makes them any less real than our physical bodies?

What makes them any less significant than our current situation or state of consciousness?


It is absurd and ridiculous to press ‘fairytale’ stamps onto the most inspirational and motivational guides we have in our lives: DREAMS!

What would the world be like if nobody every dreamed?

There would be no hope, no emotion, and no creation.

There would be no challenge.

Nothing would be of interest.

No colors. No landscapes. No conscious state of mind.

No thoughts. No passion. No relationships. No love.

There would be no world.

To go somewhere, you must start somewhere.

To be someone, you must have someone to be.

There is nothing around you, within you, or even in this universe that wasn’t the creation of something preceding it.

To create, there must be purpose.

To create, there must be energy.

To create, there must be drive, momentum, principal, freedom, expression, emotion, compassion, and relationship.

To create, there must be visions.

And guess what?

Visions are the gateway for allowing our Human consciousness to interpret and understand our dreams.

Visions are a gift from the universe so that we have permission and direction to bloom into the gorgeous flower we are meant to be.

So again, doesn’t it seem absurd to write of dreams as ‘fairytales’ when they are the forces that bless our minds with evolution, progress, advancements, abundance, and the creation of life as we know it?

We exist so that we may become our dreams. Our visions simply show us the way.

To doubt your dreams is to doubt your existence.

To doubt your dreams is to welcome your death.

For dreams are the force of all excitement, happiness, and meaning, created from spaces and dimensions beyond what our mortal minds comprehend.

There is supernatural magic in our ability to receive thoughts, guidance, and direction from the universe.

You can refer to the source of these thoughts, visions, and dreams however you prefer.

Muse. God. Gods. Mother Earth. Heavens. Great Spirits. Ancestors. Holyness. Crusaders of the Skies. Taylor Swift… 😉

The point is, these visions are within you for a reason. They are your North Star. Your dreams know you better than you know yourself because not only are they within you, but they descend from something much greater than you, me, or the world as we float through this vast infinite space.

Dreams are played to us through visions in our minds like the screenplay of a movie. They are dangled in front of us every day to remind us of our mission in life.

When we accept the mission and bring our visions to reality, and when we use our energy, love, passion, and awareness to follow our North Star, we open the passage that unites the divinity within us. We give our inner magic, or Muse, or Gods, or Heavens, or Ancestors the permission to create our dreams.

So again. I ask for your help.

I ask for your awareness.

Surrender your doubts, fears, and lack of confidence.

Look around you at all creations. Look within you find your visions. Open the passage, and look through the eyes of your dreams.

Too few people discover the magic of this world today, and the dark side of negativity is growing too thick.

But, with our ripples we can create a surge of energy throughout the world. With our dedication, we can create and live a life of passion and purpose.

We can mold a world where happiness, peace, and love lock arms to create meaning and magic.

…a world where all of us flowers are understood, admired, supported, and loved.

…a world where we will all passionately wonder, because to wonder is to explore the beauty of all creations.

…a world where awareness is King.

And in this world, I invite you to take a Hiatus and get to know yourself once more.

Disconnect from the madness of social media, traditional education, judgment, jealousy, lust, greed, and desire.

Fall in love with yourself again.

It’s certainly your choice, but I’m taking the leap.

I’m removing myself from my social accounts and other worldly distractions to focus on the true beauty of life.

Awareness. Abundance. Clarity. Meaning. Purpose. Position. Direction.


No more distractions.

And as we are all unique, I encourage you to look within yourself to make a change today.

Create your superpowers. Build your jetpack. Follow your visions and you will become one with your dreams.

Me? I’m leaving for focus.

I’m leaving for health and understanding.

To discover the world as I did as a child.

To spend more time absorbed in all that I love.

Lakes. Trails. Mountains. Distance. Foreign Soils. My pups. My family. My creations. My friends.

My visions.

…To write my book On Happiness, so that others may not have to work as long or as hard to find the answers and strategies to create the life they love.

…To build my e-commerce empire so that I may solidify my foundation for a location independent lifestyle full of travel and wanderlust.

…To become the happiest and healthiest version of myself.

…To give energy back to the world as energy has been given to me.

…To teach others the magic that exists within them.

…To reunite with the heartbeat of my existence, Lindsay.

And this is all possible because I choose for it to be.

My dreams are coming true because I decided to trust my visions.

It’s all you have to do too.

I’ll still be around to connect, friends.

My email is [email protected]

My skype is Radioheadps

Don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here for all of you.

That voice inside of you…it’s real.

Open up. Unite.

When you find yourself, you’ll find a way to open up the magical passage.

You will cross the bridge.

Whatever you need to remove from your life, remove it.

You must make space for the beauty to move in.

It is important to notice that the world not only speaks to us, but through us. Ideas, meaning, and magic are all around us, but we must take action within to bring them to life.

Re-child your mind and believe…and one day you will retire your job.

And when it feels too busy, always remember to go slow in the moment.

After all, the moment is what we live for.

And when you stumble, stumble hard. Remember, you cannot find yourself unless you lose yourself.

I’ll see you on the other side.

The happiest, healthiest version of you.


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