It’s not an easy process.  The hours leading up to the loss of a loved one, or the unexpected drop out of a family member or friend from this vast mysterious world can be the most difficult experience that any part of humanity has to endure.  It is scary.  It is real.

Yes, our beautiful stay here on earth can flash and disappear in a blink. You and I will not always exist.  This should be enough to strike the fire inside all of us to make the best of every minute, apply ourselves to discover our true meanings, and even travel the world to make an impact where it is needed most.

Yet, the thought of death sadly cripples the majority of the population and leaves us a slave to ourselves and fear.  We constantly play out terrible scenarios in our heads that we envision happening in our own lives.  The essence of the perfect life is drilled into our brains as we float through the imagination of ‘how it could be’, but we never take one step forward to actually make the changes we wish to see in our lives and the world.  We handicap our potential.

Everyone has superpowers.

You yourself, as much as anyone else in the entire world, deserves your love and support.  This is the first step to overcoming fears and actually living. You HAVE to take care of yourself.  Be mindful, spend some time alone, and follow what truly drives you.   To live is the rarest experience in the world as most people simply exist.

Every minute we battle the rise and fall of fragments in life, including daily activities, conversations, and even the process our body goes through when optimizing the foods we eat.  Everything is created, applied, and then returned to something much larger than us.

Don’t be a scared dickhead.

I constantly run into people who are so bitter and mean, and I often feel so much sorrow for them.  They have all of the ability in the world to face fears and create the life that doesn’t make them hateful and unhappy,  yet they bow down to the fear and transform into a scared dickhead until they die.  Don’t be a scared dickhead!  You are your own lottery ticket.  If you put a little investment in yourself everyday and take some risk, you will inevitably create the life you desire.

But But But…. But what?

It’s funny how our natural fears can control our daily habits, eventually leading us to an unhappy day, year, and eventually life.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Instead of failing to address fears on a daily basis, think about the long run instead. What will you think looking back at the end of your life?  Will it satisfy you knowing that you could have been, done, and had so much more?

Body-SlamEverytime the fear gremlin creeps itself into my head or undies, I immediately body-slam it WWF style with a vision of the future.  If I’m scared of making a speech, taking on risk, or taking a walk outside of my comfort zone, I simply remind myself that there is only 1 good outcome: facing the fear and eliminating regret. If I choose to buckle and let the gremlin take the win, I’m only directing myself into the same situation over and over again. Nobody likes people who poop their pants and cry everyday.

Throughout my journey of recreating my champion self, I’ve closely analyzed my vision of the future vs. the possibility of regret. Here are the principles that I truly believe in that keep me following my own north star.

1. Don’t be a slave to regret.

Try it right now.  Think about yourself as an 85 year old looking back on life.  Do you feel regret?  Did you accomplish everything you desired?  What was most memorable?

The memories will NEVER stem off what you DIDN’T do.  By not facing your fears, the only memory you will have is disappointment.

2. Don’t live your life based on what others expect.

Your life was given to you, and only you.  Health brings a freedom that most people never realize until they no longer have it. Each breath should be accompanied by deep satisfaction and passion.  No matter how much your parents want you to become an engineer, or how much money is involved in an opportunity, NEVER let external factors stand in the way of truly living through love.  Break the rules but first break the rulers. Be as smelly as a teen spirit can be.  You can never start soon enough.

3. Create a life where “work” doesn’t exist.

Now, I’m not saying you should quit your job and bootstrap yourself to the government so you can live off Natural Light and McDonalds the rest of your life. I’m simply pointing out that “work” is an unnecessary and completely horrific term that shouldn’t exist.  When you focus on what feels right and put your heart into a greater meaning every day, you will inevitably structure a life full of passion.  Don’t think of your strive to generate income as “work” because it brings such a negative connotation. Think of it as a “money-hustle” that allows you to sustain your living while building the life you love.  It is a gift to have such opportunities.

4. Pay attention to what’s important.

There are people in your life that love, support, and genuinely care about you.  Don’t overlook the beautiful existence of such relationships by drowning yourself with “work” and stress. Don’t neglect your family because business is calling. Your children need you around for their youth, not to buy them the nicest car possible.  Take every opportunity to replenish friendships and reflect on the importance of these wonderful people in life. Often times we let friendships slip between the cracks because our lives are so busy. Cherish companionship throughout life because it only comes once.

5. Be courageous and never suppress your feelings.

We are all guilty of holding our tongues to keep situations from escalating, but it’s one of the largest regrets we can have when looking back on life.  If you suppress your feelings, you are directly contributing to a mediocre existence in which you will never blossom to your full potential.  Be confident in your beliefs because if you don’t, someone else will gladly let you live in theirs.

6. Choose to be happy.

Most people never realize that happiness is a choice until it’s too late.  It’s so easy to sit inside our comfort zones and “accept” the life we have even though it doesn’t spark excitement.  This “comfort” gene overflows straight into our emotions which in return plays a huge role on our physical lives.  Don’t pretend that you are content to others or yourself when you are empty inside. Everyone longs to laugh, love, and feel constant excitement and is absolutely capable of living through this miraculous mind-state.

Be Silly.  Tell Jokes. Go Streaking. Fist Pump. Reinvent the child in yourself.

Choose to be YOU.

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