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26 02, 2015

73: How to Master the Art of Choice Through Mindfulness and Piano with Molly Knight Forde

2017-03-12T16:28:29-04:00February 26th, 2015|Podcast|0 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube  Currently Creating in: United States “It takes time to learn how to strengthen attention, so do it without expectation or attachment to results and just accept the way things are.” Molly Knight Forde’s outlook on life is simply breathtaking. She is nothing short of masterful when it comes to [...]

24 02, 2015

Without Creativity… We Are LIFELESS

2017-03-12T16:28:30-04:00February 24th, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

They say reading makes you smarter.  They say exercise makes you healthier.  They say social interaction is good for the soul. What about the roots of education, health & social events?  How did everything evolve to what it is today?  What would the world be like if no-one ever took initiative to change it.  What if there was an [...]

23 02, 2015

72: From Urban Aerosol Writing to LucasFilm with The Artful Dodger

2017-03-12T16:28:30-04:00February 23rd, 2015|Podcast|0 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube   Currently Creating in: United Kingdom A Dee (The Artful Dodger) is credited with being one of the first aerosol writers to come out of the UK in the 80’s.  Transferring depression in urban areas with bright colors and innovative urban art, A Dee started catching media attention at a young [...]

19 02, 2015

71: I Paint Your Life with Steve Bird

2017-03-12T16:28:31-04:00February 19th, 2015|Podcast|0 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube   Currently Creating in: United Kingdom Steve bird takes memories and turns them into works of art. After all, our memories are some of the most important parts of our lives. After coming to the realization that his career in theatre wasn’t exactly what he dreamed it would be, Steve took [...]

16 02, 2015

70: The Seven Phases of Art with Henrique Bertulani

2017-03-12T16:28:31-04:00February 16th, 2015|Podcast|2 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube  Currently Creating in: Brazil “Education is the toy. Curiosity is the box.” Henrique Bertulani has accomplished basically anything an artist could possibly accomplish at his age. From Brazil to Germany, and Egypt to the United States, Henrique has dabbled in art studies, exhibitions, curating, anthropology, art cooperative projects, teaching, [...]

12 02, 2015

69: How to Create an App Startup with Dylan Sirgiovanni of Bleepr

2017-03-12T16:28:31-04:00February 12th, 2015|Podcast|1 Comment

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube  Currently Creating in: Brooklyn, USA Have you ever wanted to see which of your friends is closest to you, then invite them to join you without having to call them all individually? Well, Dylan did…so he created a system to solve the problem. Dylan is the co-founder of the [...]

10 02, 2015

Crush Your Stress Gremlins and Revolutionize Excitement in Your Life: The Physical Bucket List

2017-03-12T16:28:32-04:00February 10th, 2015|Blog|1 Comment

What would you do today if you had no responsibilities, priorities or chores to get done?  What would you do tomorrow?  If you could choose to go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING this year, what would it be? It is all completely possible and within reach, you just have to believe that and take action.  Everyone [...]

9 02, 2015

68: Balancing Six Kids and Creativity with Paul Brown

2017-03-12T16:28:32-04:00February 9th, 2015|Podcast|0 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube   Currently Creating in: United Kingdom The figgity funk-daddy mack Artrepreneur today is none other than Paul Brown. Wait for it……. He has six little rugrats, yet he still finds the time to create the life he loves.  Yep, I bet your mind is blown. Paul has worked as a designer [...]

5 02, 2015

67: Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job and Made $100k in 12 Months

2017-03-12T16:28:32-04:00February 5th, 2015|Podcast|0 Comments

iTunes | Play on Soundcloud | Youtube  Currently Creating in: San Francisco, USA In 2007, Steve Chou and his wife put up an online store to leap away from their normal day jobs upon news of their pregnancy so she could take care of the baby.  They didn’t want to give up their lifestyle, so they [...]

3 02, 2015

16 Online Tools That Will Make You Fist Pump and a Duck Named Mr. Sh*t-A-Lot

2017-03-12T16:28:33-04:00February 3rd, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Well, I’m here to point you in the direction of awesomeness on the internet.  I’m sitting in a hotel room just outside of Pikeville, KY and my day has been filled with flashbacks from the 1950’s and 1980’s all mixed up like a sixth grade dance during a K-Ci and JoJo track. OH THE COAL [...]