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Heath Armstrong enjoys simple living, fist pumping, traveling the world, pogo-sticking in his undies and connecting with incredible people in every country possible. Break the rules but first break the rulers.
28 12, 2015

Healthy Optimization on The Big Healthy Me Show w/ Bryan Teare

December 28th, 2015|Blog, Podcast|0 Comments

Yo weenies! I was honored to be a part of my friends show a few weeks ago. It was a 2 part series, but I slapped them both onto a track and released it under the podcast. We track my personal experience from drinking everyday and doubting the world to retiring my job and creating [...]

9 12, 2015

When we are aware…

December 9th, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Deeper and deeper, I absorb without slip; Into the moment, into the movement. Steeper and steeper, the Heavenly cliffs. We smile. We sigh. We breath. We suffer. But the opening allows the wound to heal, And the mind is stronger and stronger once more. And in this life I will not appeal My position, my [...]

2 10, 2015

Live Simply & Be Simply You

October 2nd, 2015|Blog, Podcast|6 Comments

What does simple feel like? The expression is light, and it seems uncomplicated, but there is no doubt that the heaviest barricades in the world litter it's path. Heavy situations. Heavy thoughts. Heavy emotions. Heavy worries. Heavy fights. Heavy stress. Heavy distractions. Heavy minds. Heavy hearts. Heavy lives. I do believe we can [...]

25 08, 2015

The Diaper Struggle

August 25th, 2015|Blog|4 Comments

There is a struggle much bigger than this pen. There is a struggle that lingers like the tide of an ocean under the dark spell of a creative hurricane. It reminds me of my mortality, existence, and progress. This struggle connects all cries and frowns from myself and others alike, and it cooks [...]

18 08, 2015

The Magic of Moments

August 18th, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Sometimes, sometimes is hard. Sometimes we are present in the moment, but then the moment passes. Are we still connecting to it? Are we feeding off of it? Are we still using the roots of our past for the next big triumph? Moments are built off experiences in the present state of consciousness. [...]

10 08, 2015

The Secret of Doubt

August 10th, 2015|Blog|2 Comments

Sometimes we seek answers from others, and they just aren't there. But, it's not that the answers aren't available. Those we seek answers from are blind with doubt, resistance, and uncertainty about what may happen if a certain answer is given. I want you to know that you do not need permission from [...]